Monday, 24 January 2011

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Bo' yes!

soundmerch : the screen printing process from SoundMerch on Vimeo.

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This website gives you the ability to construct your own fonts all online. You characterise your chosen font with glyphs which you customize with a variety of tools available on the grid provided. Once you have created all your letters and numbers, name your font and click download. You then get the TT file to install on your computer mac to use in any program you choose, all vectored and free of charge. Bostin ay' it!

Effing typeface


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Artist highlight : Phill Dunne

Phil Dunne is an incredible illustrator from Dublin, Ireland, who has spent the last 29 years drawing, painting, doodling and creating mind blowing pieces of art. From 1999 to 2003 Phil was studying at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin to get his degree in Visual Communications. After graduating he started to build his portfolio with several different projects and clients. Since then, Phil has already produced great pieces that you might of already seen around the web or at depthCORE.

Studio4 Gallery

Studio4 Gallery is a subversive arts and crafts gallery and exhibition space right in the heart of Birmingham's bohemian ego bubble Digbeth. Situated in the Custard factory it is perfectly placed within undoubtedly the most creative part of the city.
I personally believe it is by far the most exciting and inspirational gallery in the city for a number of reasons. The shop itself is crammed to the rafters with art, your senses are immediately overloaded with works of art from people from all walks of life leading me onto my next point.
One of the most exciting things about studio4 they are very happy to exhibit pieces from artists who are still in the inception stage of their artistic careers allowing them to get a step on the ladder as well as allowing a healthy flow of fresh contemporary aesthetics that create healthy competition. I urge you to stroll through whenever you get a chance and experience the kid in the candy shop feeling for yourself.

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